Have you ever heard that Negros and Aklan was in a battle for long time up to this moment?

Yes! They compete not in sports or any  other events.

But they compete in many ways!

Let’s find it out!

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Have you ever heard of histoventure?

Well, my Negros Occidental experience urged me to coin such term.

Can you blame me last summer when I was amused and amazed by the grandeur that was Negros      Occidental?

There’s more to it than just being the Sugar Capital of the Philippines.

Or the home of Maskara Festival.

Or the Manokan Country.

Or the Province of Haciendas.

Or the Bastion of Arhitectural Design.

Or the Seat of Culture, Arts, and Eco-Tourism.

CampBlog 2010 — offered by ischools Project of the Commission on Information and Communications Technology –- made my trip to Negros Occidental a dream come true.

The said Camp was conducted from May 31 to June 9, 2010 at Nature’s Village Resort in Talisay City, Negros Occidental participated in by different representatives of ischools recipient schools from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

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CampBlog- A LEGACY!

CampBlog – Lifetime! Forever! Unending! Immortal! A LEGACY!

Yes! CampBlog is really a legend and legacy as one among of the various projects of the Comission on Information and Communications Technology through ischools Project to bridge the digital divide. Blog is a one-stop-shop, eat-all-you can and skies the limit site name it and you will have it!

Then, who will argue that it’s not a legacy?

Camp Blog 2010 and previous camps conducted by the CICT-ischools Project is truly a gateway and an instrument to bridge the digital divide in the Philippines to let everyone closer to each other and be digimind person in this changing world moving to technological age.

CampBlog showcases the unexpected!Like, Tribute to those who were born ahead of us and be in mind that it’s not necessarily to be rich in order to give; Araling Panlipunan which is “boring” recalling the past instead appreciate it’s lesson and love local stories, songs and poems. Have fun in EducVenture in Negros and see Negrenses local treasures that ‘s incomparable to other provinces in the Philippines and many other activities of the CampBlog participants.

Campblog really open and navigate the world to us! Then, be part of it and make your own legacy in order that it will be legendary and immortal! Dream! Believe! Survive! CampBlog!

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